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Meet new people

Spiral isn’t your friends list, it’s content from all the people posting around you. New friends that you just haven’t met yet but could be a few feet away.

Find out about local events

People post about new events on Spiral, so you can see the latest events. Set your radius for as far or as close as you're willing to travel.

Listen in on gossip

Celebrity sighting or just some secret around you. Spiral lets you see all the interesting things going on around that you wouldn’t know about otherwise.

Discover new places

If you’ve just arrived somewhere new, use Spiral to find out what only the people around you know. Secret bar or best place for tacos, ask the locals for advice.

Spiral Acquired by Taringa!

The Spiral team is happy to announce that we’ve been acquired by Targina!.

We started Spiral early in 2014 because we wanted a better way to bring local communities together. We were inspired by the organic location-based communities formed at events like music festivals and sporting events.

We’re proud of what we accomplished, the technology we built, and are very thankful to you the users that have made Spiral great to work on.

While Spiral will not continue in it’s current form after the acquisition, we believe this is a great opportunity for Spiral’s technology to find a new home and deliver new services together with Targina!’s world-class team and community of over 75 million users. In a way, we’re closer than ever to realizing our vision.

We’d like to take this opportunity to collectively thank some of the people involved with the project: Gerry Giacoman Colyer (@ggiaco), Michael Ma(@michaelandma), Daniel Shteremberg, Jorge Pozas (@jpozast), and Ernesto Ruy Sanchez, as well as Deepchand Singh, Karthikeya Udupa, Ryan McKinney, Caroline Doyle, Clara Meister, and Katie Pickthorn.

Finally, we'd like to say thank you to the many people that supported our efforts, including: John Vrionis, Doris Tsui, and Jeremy Liew at Lightspeed Ventures, Neda Blocho and the staff at the Stanford Venture Studio. Our friends, families, and the many users who contributed to the community and offered their suggestions.

Thanks for joining us on the ride!
-The Spiral team